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How NOT To Be a Squid On Your Motorcycle

An Informative Story Presented & Shared By About some riders that just may not really care all too much about safety or how they may appear to others?   You may have seen them in the wild, being passed by one at triple digit speeds on the highway, or almost hit by one crossing […]


Nothing causes as much confusion or trepidation in riders as emergency braking. How hard can I brake? Will the front wheel lock? Will I go over the handlebars? How far can I lean over on the brakes? As a Motorcycle Instructor I am continually amazed at how many of our students, who have generally had […]

More Important Braking Info to know

Hi Mark,  Tha basics are in place, but it goes a lot further. The question is of course – the target audience. How much can they absorb?  One thing that I find very risky, is your statement that the majority of braking force is applied via the front – this may well be very true […]