1940-1953 Chief Cylinders -( Pair )- New EXACT Reproduction

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Product Description

Chief Fr. Cyl.

Set of 1940-1953 New Chief Cylinders.     —  *  May Be Back Ordered.  Please call for availability?

Kit includes the following:

  • EM-93070 Front Cylinder Bored to Fit a Standard Piston
  • EM-93071 Rear Cylinder Bored to Fit a Standard Piston
  • EM-38136 Set of 2 Intake manifold nipples
  • Labors:
  • Cylinders Final Bored to Fit Standard Piston

Kit does not include Guides (guides are shown in picture but not included in this set) or finished valve seats

 * These are the best cylinders on the market and only available from Starklite Cycle – Don’t be confused by made in India Cylinders, These are made by Starklite Cycle – and machined in the United States of America! You can buy these with confidence that they will work and work right! No rework needed!

 * Our Cylinders are made to exacting standards, and manufactured exclusively by Starklite Cycle. The cylinders are cast from Ductile Iron with Chromate added to increase hardness. This makes the cylinders harder than original Indian cylinders! This improves the wear characteristics to give you a longer useful life from a top end!

Manufactured Exclusively by Starklite Cycle

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