Cam Lifter Followers, Bonneville (pr) Int & Exh

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Product Description

Cam follower.  Bonneville

New Reproduction Bonneville Chief Cam Followers ( With Needle Bearing Rollers).               — * May ship In 1-2 Business Days.

Every new motorcycle uses needle bearing cam followers, Give your Indian what it deserves and upgrade to our new Needle bearing cam followers! Your engine will thank you!


Lasts up to 4 times longer than standard Cam Followers
Lower Running Temperature
Less Friction
Fits Chief models

Sold in pairs only (1 Exhaust Lifer, 1 Intake Lifter)

2 pairs required per bike

Technical Details:

Hardened ground outer race Made from 52100 steel : Hrc: 61.33

Hardened ground Needle Bearings, Made from 52100 steel: Hrc 61.50

Case hardened pins: Hrc 65.5 over contact area of Needle Bearings

Case Hardened Rocker Arm: Hrc 55.5 with a core hardness of Hrc 36.50

Starklite Cycle has been manufacturing Needle Bearing Kits to install in your original cam followers since the 1970s. These kits have been proved during the past 30 years to increase the life of cam followers up to 4 times longer than the original Indian design of a steel pin on a steel roller!

The biggest problem was installing the kits. The rocker arm is hardened, and without special carbide tipped reamers, it is a tough job to perform.

Well that problem is a thing of the past! We are now casting and machining complete new Cam followers and installing our exclusive needle bearing kits to make the best follower available on the market!

We started by reverse engineering the original bonneville cam follower castings. We made a drawing based upon our measurements of new old stock original parts. This drawing was given to our pattern maker who crafted the molds. After casting, the parts are machined and heat treated per the characteristics of the originals. These look so close to the original it is almost impossible to distinguish them from originals!

Manufactured exclusively by Starklite Cycle


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