ELECTRONIC Ignition Conversion

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Electronic Ignition Conv. Kt.

Convert To Electronic Ignition System with this simple kit.   — * May be on  Back Order. Please call for availability? 

We are proud to announce our newly redesigned electronic ignition for 2014. We have made several changes to the design to increase the ease of installation and reliability.

The Indian Electronic Ignition is a precisely engineered solid state breakerless ignition system. Permanent magnets are mounted in a sleeve that fits over the distributor point camshaft. As the sleeve rotates, these magnets trigger an electronic chip (Hall Cell) which is embedded in the switching module. The entire module system is immune to dirt, oil, heat, and moisture. Firing down to zero RPM it switches twice the energy of conventional systems. Installation is fast and simple. The module requires no black boxes or complicated wiring, and can be installed in the time required to change a set of points.

  • Complete system – The same module works on 12v or 6v
  • Easy Installation
  • Provides easier starting
  • �Kit includes Clear Timing plug to check engine timing.

U/M: Kit

Fits Models: All V-Twin Models

1936 Chief, 1937 Chief, 1938 Chief, 1939 Chief, 1940 Chief, 1941 Chief, 1942 Chief, 1943 Chief, 1944 Chief, 1945 Chief, 1946 Chief, 1947 Chief, 1948 Chief, 1950 Chief, 1951 Chief, 1952 Chief, 1953 Chief

1936 Scout, 1937 Scout, 1938 Scout, 1939 Scout, 1940 Scout, 1941 Scout, 1942 Scout

1941 741 Scout

Made exclusively for Starklite Cycle.



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