RODS, Chief H-Beam Heavy Duty

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H Beam Conn. rods

Chief Heavy Duty H-Beam Connecting 



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Chief Heavy Duty Forged H-Beam Designed Rods

The H-Beam Rod is the strongest style rod you can obtain for your Indian Motorcycle Restoration.
These rods are precision machined out of 4340 Forged Steel to provide a strong foundation for the bottom end of your motorcycle.
Every production batch of rods is metallurgicaly examined to assure quality.
These are the best rods you can obtain for your restoration!

Our parts are road tested and proven since 1970’s on our Restorations!

U/M: Pair

Manufactured Exclusively by Starklite Cylce

Note: New rods are now available that mimic the late 80ci rods from Indian. This design is not as strong as the “H”-Beam design. The strongest rods the Indian company produced were made during the war years as they had a very beefy rod race area and reinforcement ribs under the wrist pin. Also, they are sold with integrated rollers built into the cage. This causes a smaller roller to be used. We do not recommend this setup.


“Heavy Duty Rods”Paul Higgens on Saturday, April 21, 2007 10:14:53 PM


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Write a Review: I’ve built two motors using these rods. And they work great. I’ve stopped using the originals since I found cracks after having them maganfluxed. If you don’t magnaflux your old rods – Get these new Heavy Duty Rods. Paul.



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