HORN – Repro Sunburst

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Reproduction Sunburst Horn for 1946-1947 Models

Reproduction Sunburst Horn for 1946-1947 Models.   — * May ship In 1-2 Business Days

This reproduction horn is extremely close to the original Indian Sunburst horn face design, and only an expert can tell the difference.
Perfect horn for earlier models also.
We included threaded terminal studs on the back for wiring as original.
Works on both 12v and 6v models

Note: In Picture, the center of the horn face does not look chrome plated. It is an optical illusion while photographing chrome, you are seeing the black reflection in the chrome. The face is completely chrome plated.

Finish: Chrome plated face, Black body
U/M: Each
Models: Chief – can be used on other models
Years: 1946-1947 – can be used on earlier years

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