PISTON Set +.020 OS Chief

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Piston set, OS

Chief Piston Set – Complete.                 —  *  Currently –  May be Back Ordered. Please call for availability ?

Our Pistons are manufactured exclusively for us by JCC, one of the worlds largest piston manufactures. We have been on a personal tour of the factory and very impressed with the quality control they have implemented. Each piston undergoes 100% inspection on every dimension before it is shipped.

New for 2008 – We have now added a Moly coating to the piston skirts. This soft coating partially transfers to the cylinder walls during operation to reduce scuffing and friction caused by piston movement.

Kit includes:

  • 2 Pistons
  • 2 Wrist pins
  • 4 Wrist pin keepers
  • 6 compression rings
  • 2 oil control rings

Available in Sizes: Standard, +.010, +.020, +.030, +.040, +.050, & +.060
If you don’t need rings order part # EM-85516A
For 80ci piston sets order part # EM-642012



Manufactured exclusively for Starklite Cycle by JCC

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