WINDSHIELD, 22″ W/ Cutout


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WINDSHIELD, 22″ With Cutout

WINDSHIELD, 22″ With Cutout.                    —  *  May Be Back Ordered.    Please call for availability?

Deluxe Indian Windshield with Cutout on bottom section

A windshield is the perfect addition to any bike. It’s great for those long rides, or those areas with thousands of bugs attacking you. It’s a must if you ride, and they aesthetically look great!

This windshield is the best looking shield you can install on your Indian Chief for Four. Starklite Cycle recognized the need for a great looking windshield. The only shields available were Harley Davidson shields that have been modified to fit the Indian. This wasn’t up to our high standards, so we borrowed on the shield designs from the 40’s and 50’s and came up with this accurate reproduction shield.

Additional items required to mount on 46-48 Chiefs:
# EM-230006 Windshield mounting Bar
#FH-2 Windshield mounting bar spacer

Additional items required to mount on 50-53 Chiefs:
#EM-230006 Windshield mounting bar

Manufactured exclusively by Starklite Cycle.


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